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VBajajTechnoServices offers professional Domestic and Commercial microwaves repairs. Call us today to schedule your microwave repair service. We can repair all major microwave oven brands and models — no matter where you bought it. We pros know your microwave oven from the inside out. Having 15+ years of real in-hand experience in field services there is nothing that could stop us from successfully repairing any brand microwave ovens.

The company offers Microwave repair services in the city to the non-warranty users. Our services are efficient and cost-effective thus most of the users call us for instant repair services.


We have seasonal technicians who can handle the issues intelligently and repair the appliance in no time. As they are the experts, they have a brilliant understanding and knowledge about the mechanism of the Microwave, which helps enables them to offer quick and precise solutions. Our expert team have given their 4+ years in the industry and troubleshoot hundreds of Microwave  problems in the shortest time period.


Their experience and hard work are the strength that makes us the best service center for Microwave repair services in the city.



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